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One of the most underappreciated aspects of a successful business – especially in the eCommerce space – is an excellent payment processor. Contrary to what some less-diligent business owners may think, not all payment processing solutions are equal. A truly outstanding payment processing company can have a profound impact on a business’s finances, customer satisfaction, flexibility and use of analytics, to name a few. This can make the difference between growing toward one’s goals and struggling to keep a business afloat.

MobyCap offers a variety of payment processing options that can be customized to fit each customers’ specific needs. First and foremost, these custom solutions oftentimes carry transaction costs that are a mere fraction of what our customers are accustomed to paying, saving them thousands of dollars a month in fees. They can also be managed from a convenient virtual terminal on any smart device, which streamlines the front and back-end processes for ease of use. Moreover, the payment gateway allows users to accept payments into any web or mobile environment, including existing online shopping carts, and offers real-time reporting.

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Our trusted resource works with over 500 brands, has processed 3 billion+ payments and has over 7 million cardholders in 27 countries (and counting). Building upon this prior success, cutting-edge payment options are constantly being explored to help merchants keep up with the ever-changing way customers pay for goods and services. After all, online payment processing will only continue to grow as new buying options become available in the future.

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MobyCap is NOT providing funding to new/startup companies at this time. We require a business to be operational for at least one year and generating at least $50k in revenue per month to do so.

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Invoice Factoring is an alternative financing solution that allows businesses to leverage their outstanding accounts receivable while generating immediate funding.

Companies in many different industries can benefit from this alternative to business loans. Due to relatively high average AR in the technology, manufacturing, and staffing industries, companies in these sectors are especially strong candidates for invoice factoring.

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